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I have some beautiful old curtain fabric that I would like sewn into two large cushions. Does anyone know who can do this locally?

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The upholstery place on Stroud Green Rd (next to the little Sainsburys at the Hanley Rd end) will do it.

Count the Sheep (www.facebook.com/sheepcount) they're Tottenham based and make cushions.

Thanks both. I will follow up those leads.

Nag's head market in seven sister: there are a couple of permanent fabric stands run by Indian families/traders. They are great and cheap.


Many thanks
Dazzle maybe? I love those guys! I will ask on my way to Blend later this week.

Tinyinc run by are based on the Harringay ladder and take commissions. I have bought several beautiful hand made things from Cheryl.



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