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Recently had a disaster of a loft conversion (with Landmark Lofts) and although we've luckily managed to resolve most of the issues, one issue yet to be resolved is the shower pressure in the main and loft bathroom. The outside tap was tested and it had 22lpm flow and 3 bar pressure so we were informed that an unvented cylinder would be a good option. However, now installed the bathrooms are getting only 8lpm and wont work simultaniously which is the point of cylinder. The plumber isnt being paid by loft company so has refused to return and is saying its a problem with my incoming supply. Has anyone in the area had a cylinder fitted and does it work ok without modifying incoming supply pipe from stopcock? If anyone has a plumber recommendation that they used for this work please let me know. Thanks.

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Sorry to hear all of this. 

What were the original problems with the loft conversion?

It was a modular loft extension so roof taken off, ceilings taken down, and modular units craned in one day. The builder was well out of his depth and the day before didnt know how it fixed to property. If i hadnt escalated it then j dont know what would have happened. It still took them 12 hrs on the day jnstead of 5 and at one stage they gave up and said they wouldnt fit. I was made homeless for 9 weeks with a new born insread of the 2 weeks promised. I have had to be on site everyday as they admit they dont underatand building regs and everything including roofing(recently condemed by local roofer,) insulation, paintwork, plumbing, staircase etc has had to be done 2 or 3 times to get right. They also didnt protect house so water damage throughout. Loft firm have stopped paying builder so builder cant return to jobs and i suspect i'm the lucky one as at least mine has "finished".  

We had a loft conversion and were recommended an unvented cylinder and it works very well. We used Dan James for the build and therefore their plumber so I don’t have his number. You could try and get in touch with Dan James to get his details. 

Recently had another (unrelated) issue and had a plumber who I was impressed with. Let me know if you would like his details so he could take a look. Hope you get it sorted. Sounds awful. 

Do you happen to know whether you upgraded your incoming supply from stopcock? Found out on another forum that theyve installed a vertical cylinder horizontally and this isnt allowed! When you think things cant get worse!

oh god! Maybe that’s what the problem is  

I don’t recall them upgrading anything but couldn’t say for sure... Sorry, that’s not very helpful. 

I hope you haven't paid them. If you have you may still be able to take action once you get a good plumber to inspect and diagnose the problem. Is this the sort of thing building control should be involved in? Hop you get it sorted soon.

Yeah thought i had enough money held back but now cylinder needs to come out im not sure.



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