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Over the next three nights, wildlife lovers are being asked to take a torchlight safari of ivy flowers and count some of the moths that are on the wing in autumn.

The theme for Moth Night 2017 being "Ivy and Sugaring", find some patches of flowering ivy and go out with a torch after sunset and see who is visiting your garden or local green space at night. You may be lucky enough to spot some of the migrant moths that have made their way to the UK this autumn.

Many different autumnal moths are regularly seen refuelling on ivy blossom, including the beautiful Pink-barred Sallow, Angle Shades, Green-brindled Crescent, Yellow-line Quaker and Lunar Underwing ( and don't moths have the most wonderful names?)

I found this lovely Silver Y (named for the y shape on its wings) in my front garden one afternoon. 

To find out more, click here and to submit results go to this site

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Why go out?, simply sit indoors with the house-lights out and the windows open and a fully-pumped Tilley lamp roaring on the table. You'll be in 'moth city' then.

I think they want you to go out and look at where the moths are gathering, rather than bringing them into your house. Less chance of damage to moths as well. 

Liz, how about this one, likes black volkswagens N22.
The wonderful Chris Farthing at Woodberry Wetlands has ID'd this on Twitter as the box or box tree moth. Pretty though it is, its caterpillars spell doom for box hedges. It's considered an invasive species with no natural predators here but, like most of those, there's little that can be done now it's here.

Good job I stamped on it then!.


It's the caterpillars that do the damage. They probably do need a bit of ...er...natural control.
There's plenty of ivy up this lamp post although the flowers are a bit high! Anyone want to know the location?



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