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We're pondering a move into this area, probably Langham/Carlingford(more towards the tube end than the other end)/Waldeck, etc

Is there anyone who lives round there and has any pluses/minuses? I know the area fairly well through passing through it but obviously that's different to living there.


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Yes, the mid-section is probably what we're looking at.

I already live on the Ladder so get the tube to/from Turnpike Lane each day but obviously I then head off in the other direction.

Is it reasonably quiet round there in terms of night time? How about traffic?

Yes its quiet. We really love living on Stanmore Road. 

Traffic is pretty quiet. Stanmore Rd can be used as a bit of a cut through in the morning (annoyingly, but I don't think it really affects Carlingford Rd or Langham Rd), and its hardly noticeable. Very quiet at weekends.  

I always  think the top of Langham has a lot of traffic, but not necessarily noisy.  Once you get into Langham proper it goes all quiet, especially walking me at night. I like hearing the saxophone player, but that's good noise, and a band that practice in the front room, but they all seem to be during the day.  The most noise I've heard was us on NYE and that's only the second party in 12 years, so yes I'd say it's quiet.  Apart from the anchors who speed on our road, but I'm guessing that happens all round Haringay. 

It's a dump. Don't bother.

We've been in Langham Road for 14 years, moving from Finsbury Park.  Stanmore, Waldeck, Carlingford and Langham rds  the best.  It is quiet in the middle and West Green Rd ends, station end is a bit murky.  I'd like to point out the cafe outside Downhills Park, The Palm (look up my post) and True Craft as signs that this end is improving. Also if you like to get a good haircut we have plenty of new barbershops!  Best kept secret Downhills Park and the various summer events, don't tell anyone as they'll all want to come.  Really the best bit are the houses, nice size and bigger gardens than the Ladder, you'll be pleasantly surprised when you start looking.  All the best, and welcome to the area

cheers Glen

I've lived on the middle section of Langham Road for nearly 13 years, it's nice and quiet, particularly in the evening. It can be used as a bit of a cut through, but is was traffic calmed around 9 years ago which made a huge difference. As mentioned, near Turnpike Lane tube isn't a place to loiter particularly long, but this is the case with all tube stations. 

There is a good mix of housing (mix of half houses, houses, converted flats, etc), plus good parks, restaurants, coffee shops and pubs (the Westbury is close). The streets are mostly tree lined which are lovely. Also it's easy to get into town and for buses. Also fairly easy for Seven Sisters tube for when the Piccadilly line goes down. 

Autograf on WG Rd is fantastic. 

I live half way down Carlingford, nice area near park and tube/bus station   Little bit busy with cut through traffic am/pm but quiet mostly.   Nice neighbours around here, nice cafe [B=fit} top of Langham Road too !

Thanks all. Doesn't seem to be anything too bad that I can see.

We’ve lived in that area for six years and really like it. I agree that up near the tube there are some crime and anti-social behaviour issues, but as others say, what you might expect near a tube station. We like that we are near Green Lanes, West Green Road and Wood Green for shops and restaurants, and only a couple of minutes walk from Downhills Park, which then leads on to Lordship Rec - another great park.

Some of the roads do suffer from some speeding traffic, and there are a couple of nasty junctions, but a few of us from the area have set up Duckett’s Green Healthy Streets, to try and make it a more pleasant place to walk and cycle. If anyone wants to know more, then drop us an email at duckettsgreenhealthystreets@gmail.com. 



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