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Seems Haringey have Added New Speed Bumps

Joke is most  times of day the road is crawling along. Due to over use

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Probably put in as there has been a couple of crashes on the bend, where the concrete bollards are to protect the houses/people, you can see the damage to the walls.

You used to be able to hear cars flying up at night but not really anymore

The bumps also help people cross the road coming out of Crawley Road to access Russel Park which has the local nursery inside. The traffic does build up at the Turnpike Road end granted. I think if the speed bumps reduce the risk of a kid being knocked down they are a good thing.

Its only on the Lordship Lane end because that long stretch is known for speeding.

Have you been there at night Bob?  It’s like a race track!

Not quite a race track but yes cars do/did speed, hence the speed humps now. Also its those nasty speed humps you cant even coast over, you have to really slow down or your front end is slamming on the ground. 



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