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We haven’t had mail for any of the the three flats in our house on Pemberton for about a week now.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it due to corona-related staff shortages at Royal Mail? I’ve seen our local postie around in his van but no mail coming our way.

It may be that I’m Billy Nomates but there’s usually some old junk coming through the letterbox most days.  Also my sister claims she’d sent me something.

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They like the underground workers are probably bricking it and gone sick?

Saw this on one of the WhatsApp chats:

POST if you haven’t received any, message from Falkland Rd admin.

Manager of Crouch End Post Office - he said that the amount of post "skyrocketed" last week, and they simply haven't been able to cope with it. There are also a lot of people off sick/self-isolating.

He said that the mail WILL be delivered, but they're playing catch up at the moment. The area team of forty people is down to just ten....

Someone else just spoke to the post office via the above number. They don't want people to call unless urgent. They'd like us to follow the below:

  • After three days post items are deemed delayed. Pls be patient unless urgent.
  • After 7-10 days they are missing and at that point you can call the above number to report
  • All medications and other urgent items are given priority and should be delieverd without issue
  • If any meds etc are delayed at all do call the above number asap.

The service is just under staffed due to current situation. So please be patient and avoid calling them unless urgent

I was about to post the same question. I live on Burgoyne and get something or other most days, but nothing since Thursday last week. But if it's not just me, I'll stop fretting

I've read on their website that west Haringey has been particularly affected by staff shortages. also they are prioritizing mail, not parcels. This is annoying as I'm going to be locked down for 3 months and have started ordering items to help me cope with that including live plant plugs. I wonder if they're going to put a card through the door and allowing you (or a helper) to go and pick them up. Also I'm expecting a VIP letter that I doubt will be marked URGENT so how will the PO know what is and what's not urgent.

I received post on Thursday. It was only two or three days later than I'd have expected it. Patience is its own reward. That said, a package from  Sweden took six weeks to arrive here after being posted on 31 January (way before any social distancing, self isolating etc started).

Last mail I remember receiving was 17th March. I, too have ordered live plants that I’m now regretting.

Nothing for over a week (I’m on Warham) and I’m expecting hospital appointment letters so fretting a tad. Also hope creditors are understanding about late bill payments.

It seems to be very infrequent. but still going on. This came up on the Hewitt WhatsApp group yesterday and not long after we all got letters. (Apparently the district post master has taken a leaf out of Uncle Xi's book!). But a few people said, and I can confirm, that all the mail seems up to a week old. 

See also this concurrent thread.

Since that one was posted first and to try and keep everything as much as possible in one place, this one is being closed.



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