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Does anyone know or, if they have one and could be bothered to measure, the standard size of an internal doormat for houses on the Ladder.

I'm talking about the inset mat as per the attached pic but for a traditional Ladder terraced house.

Any other thoughts or recommendations on the subject much appreciated.

Many Thanks.

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75x45cm seems to be about right. GIYF.

Just out of interest, how do people prevent moisture/mould in the doormat well? Are the bases of the wells just concete/tile?

If your room is well ventilated and the mat isn't soaking wet all of the time, there shouldn't be any problems with moisture condensation/mould. I had a mat well in my kitchen for years, with only a raw concrete underbase and I had no problems whatsoever.


I have one. I did not go for a standard size. Instead I worked out how I could open the door from the outside, get into the house with muddy shoes on, and shut the door behind me without stepping off the mat. This is of course more difficult with lots of people coming in the house. Aesthetically you also want the mat to be longer than the door when the door is open - in other words you want all of the door to be over the mat when the door is open. Incidentally my mat goes from wall to wall and goes right up to the front door. The wooden flooring starts after the mat finishes. I think this is preferable to a small wooden frame around the mat. 

Good luck.


You can buy coir matting, cut to your own prportions and in various colours . So you really decide the size you want.



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