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hello- just looking for some guidance on what to do with our Christmas tree. I looked at the council website and it mentioned that the tree needed to be small pieces or deposited at various drop off locations. We don't own a saw, or anything to chop the tree into one feet pieces, and we don't have a car or any obvious means of transporting our tree to the places where one is meant to take them. 

if we leave the entire tree outside our house (but not on the kerb) is it likely to be collected on the day rubbish is usually collected and if not what would people advise folks like us to do with said tree?

thanks in advance

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The pieces need to be one metre so if you just break it into two with your foot that should do it. The council collect from your garden on your normal bin day. 

P.s. If you live in or near the Gardens  you can take your tree to the Community Garden in Doncaster Gardens 


thanks- think even I might be able to break into two- thought it had to be cut into one foot pieces.

If you can’t break it in two you could drag it to a collection site (like the one at the yard in Finsbury Park). It’s what I do most years (except this year when it was collected with my normal waste collection) and surprisingly amusing.

Christmas trees are very light to carry.  I live on West Green Road and was able to carry mine with ease to the collection point in Downhills Park - less than a 1km walk I would say.

Just out of interest, how did you get your Christmas tree home when you bought it?

we put it in my little boy's pushchair and wheeled it along. But it was wrapped up in clingfilm so not too hard. very different situation now !



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