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What to do with your Christmas tree when the festive season is over

Hint: It's not this


If you receive a green garden waste collection, you can cut your tree into smaller pieces (maximum length 1 metre or 3 feet) and put it out for collection. It is essential that your tree is cut into smaller pieces, otherwise it cannot be collected and, although you probably don't need telling, please remove all decorations and lights.

Alternatively, you can take them to designated sites in the parks from Monday 9 January 2012 until Sunday 29 January 2012.

Your nearest site is likely to be the The Gardens Community Garden, Doncaster Gardens, N4 operating from Sat 7th to Sun 22nd January 2012 9am to 4pm Only
Finsbury Park (staff yard), Endymion Road, N4

You can also take Christmas trees to the following places.

  • Woodside Park (staff yard), High Road, N22
  • Priory Park (staff yard), Barrington Road, N8
  • Albert Road Recreation Ground (staff yard), Bidwell Gardens, N11
  • Down Lane Recreation Ground (staff yard), Park View Road, N17
  • Downhills Park (staff yard), Downhills Park Road, N17
  • Bruce Castle Park (staff yard), Lordship Lane, N17

Trees are collected and turned into valuable mulch. Last year we reported on the annual collection from the Community Gardens and, as usual, ran the annual Spot the Dead Christmas Tree competition where members compete to see who can spot the last Christmas tree of the previous year. I believe the record is May, held by John D.

Happy recycling New Year!

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Liz, I couldn't find the thread for the 2012 dumped Christmas Tree spotting competition. Does this one count?

Zena and I were out today and spotted this Argos "pre-lit" artificial tree, next to a dumped door. As you can see, it's neatly (re?)packed in its box. Why it wasn't wheelie-binned is a mystery. This spot is a frequent dumping location next to the rear entrance to Chestnuts Primary School. Setting children a great example of how to respect their neighbours and the environment. (Click photo for large version & close-up.)

Tree by the Door

Alan. Funny you spot the neat packaging but question why it is dumped. I keep fishing rubbish out of the raised bed on Pemberton. Invariably it is plastic that was previously associated in some way with metal of some kind or another. I suspect the Wombells who trawl the roads see stuff like this, have the whole lot, strip the bits they are intersted in and toss the rest...

The Womble motto is "Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish," was there any evidence of stop frame animation at work. I'd blame the Mike Blatt (Top of the Pop's,) Wombles, their music was very disappointing to a Womble Fan.

I know you guys do a lot for the garden beds on the Passage, wear thick rubbish collection gloves for some protection against any drug paraphernalia, and report it to the council and community police team.


General enquiries: 020 8885 7700 for persistent rubbish problems

Harringay Safer Neighbourhoods Team and they will respond. (if a drug paraphernalia problem)

Harringay Safer Neighbourhoods Team
9 Turnpike Parade, Green Lanes, London
N15 3EA



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