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Happy to be put straight if I'm wrong, but has David Lammy actually surfaced in his constituency since the election was called? According to his Twitter feed, he's been off canvassing in Wolverhampton, Cardiff, Battersea and his neighbouring ward of Haringey, but no mention of talking to the people who'll be voting for or against him in Tottenham. Is it because he and Labour are so confident he'll be re-elected to his seat they don't think he needs to bother and that's why he's being deployed elsewhere? I'm genuinely curious. After the massive swing to Lib Dem in Euro election, should they take it for granted?

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My mistake, I did mean Hornsey and Wood Green. Blame pre-Xmas brain frazzle.

Thanks for all the replies. It's interesting to hear all sides on this matter and to see the general consensus is he doesn't need to visit Tottenham during the campaign because the votes are in the bag. I still think he should and that it's dangerous/arrogant to be complacent. I say this as a lifelong Labour supporter who is on the fence for the first time ever and would quite like to hear what he has to say about our area before I vote.

We've not had any canvassers yet from any party, I think they usually come round in the last week. David has never knocked on my door, but I will be voting for him and I don't mind him spending his time in more marginal constituencies.

Well said. David Lammy is a fine MP and is committed to getting the Tories out. 

There is a huge contrast in the engagement of the two main parties (Labour and the Liberal Democrats) with local residents here in the Harringay Ladder area. No-one I have spoken to has mentioned receiving any election communications or visits from Labour whereas the LibDems have made some considerable efforts to go out and 'meet & greet' the locals.

This smacks of smug complacency on the part of Labour, the same kind of complacency that cost us the result of the EU referendum. David Lammy will not be getting my vote.

Has he made any comment about the firearm at Turnpike Lane station or the shooting 4 days later outside Turnpike Lane station? 

Nope. And he should. This is a particular area he promised in 2016 at a public meeting to make a priority but it's got worse.

I've only had one door knock from any party - Labour -  in 13 years at the same address, and that was last year for local council elections.  I'm constantly surprised how Labour / Lammy take it for granted, I await Thursdays results with piqued interest, still expect it to e Labour but will the majority hold firm

"I'm constantly surprised how Labour / Lammy take it for granted"

That's pretty much why I posted about this in the first place! Given the national issues Labour are having with Corbyn, should Lammy really be so confident he'll retain his seat that he doesn't need to visit his constituency? Sure it sounds like he'll get back in, but I also wonder if his majority could be slashed.

Well he was certainly canvassing Beresford Road last Sunday afternoon as he came to our door and we both spoke to him and shook his hand. Much the same as the last two elections in fact. And Zena was out doing some ground work and canvassing a few weeks ago just before the election was actually called. I’m no great fan but that doesn’t exactly sound complacent to me.

Great, I'm pleased to hear he has been in the area! My point was that if you followed his Twitter feed it appeared he'd been everywhere but his own constituency and that seemed wrong. Happy to be corrected.

Better than listening to The Child!!!!

He’s 200/1 on with the bookies to retain so I think Labour are showing uncharacteristic wisdom to deploy him elsewhere.  



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