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Happy to be put straight if I'm wrong, but has David Lammy actually surfaced in his constituency since the election was called? According to his Twitter feed, he's been off canvassing in Wolverhampton, Cardiff, Battersea and his neighbouring ward of Haringey, but no mention of talking to the people who'll be voting for or against him in Tottenham. Is it because he and Labour are so confident he'll be re-elected to his seat they don't think he needs to bother and that's why he's being deployed elsewhere? I'm genuinely curious. After the massive swing to Lib Dem in Euro election, should they take it for granted?

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He's not exactly an asset. I'm surprised his party have not locked him away for the campaign as they have done Dianne Abbott and the Conservatives have done with Rees-Mogg.

Hello all. As a former Tottenham resident I have to say that Lanny is and has always been a very poor constituency MP. He does not even live in Tottenham but the posh end of the borough. In addition I have had to personally deal with him and his admin staff when I used to work at the borough law centre. I found him to be rude and obnoxious all the time. Despite his purported claims to be a barrister sadly he suffers from intellectual poverty. I recall the very able and respected Sharon Grant (widow of Bernie) put herself forward but wasn't picked by the loony lefties in favour of bungling Lammy.

There's a posh end?

But you're right about Lammy. 

Whether David Lammy's activities elsewhere in the country are an aid or a hindrance to the fortunes of his party or to his own position within it are matters which I will leave to him and them.

What I can say is that I am proud to be the election agent for Tammy Palmer, the candidate for the Liberal Democrats, or "Liberal Democrats - Stop Brexit" to use the name under which she is appearing on the ballot paper.

In her energetic campaign - far better and more widely supported than the one that I ran in 2010 - she has displayed all of the skills which she has acquired in a senior position with a national charity and in her role as a Haringey Councillor.

She lives and is raising her family right in the middle of the Tottenham constituency and she has acquired a vast knowledge of the area and the communities within it at an astonishing speed.

A vote for her will be a vote for a Member of Parliament whose commitment to the area is absolute and who will represent it with competence and passion.

Our party holds 15 seats on Haringey Council - no other opposition party has any seats at all - and quite recently we  held seats within Tottenham itself. 

Nowhere in Haringey is the property of the Labour Party. The forthcoming election will give an opportunity to the people of Tottenham to demonstrate that fact.

Posted by Harringayonline; Published and Promoted by D Schmitz on behalf of Tammy Palmer (Liberal Democrats) both at 35 Topsfield Parade, London N8 8PT

I wholeheartedly endorse David Schmitz's comments about the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Tammy Palmer and especially the point he has made about her actually being part of Tottenham.

Living amidst the constituents, breathing the same air, shopping in the same shops and going about daily life as a local resident, all of this forges a strong and meaningful connection with the local community. Decisions she will make as an MP will directly affect her own family, her neighbours, her street, local businesses, schools and services as well as herself personally so the incentive to 'get it right' from the get-go is obviously there. Far too many MPs represent constituencies they know little about, never mind having any empathy with people living in them and far too many would-be MPs are conspicuously absent when they are most needed - as in this shining example!

Irrespective of the outcome of Thursday's general election at the national level, electing a Liberal Democrat MP for Tottenham will usher in a brighter future for all of us in this complex and challenging constituency.

So for Tottenham it has to be Tammy, not Lammy!

He was doorknocking in West Green ward a couple of weeks ago, I walked past him on my way home from the tube station.  So the answer to your question is yes! 


On Thursday Tottenham people have a real choice to elect Tammy Palmer as their Libdem MP. Tammy has worked tireless for the people of Tottenham and that is the kind of MP we want and deserve.

David Lammy has been a poor constituency MP, always more concerned about whats going on nationally than spending time improving the lives of Tottenham residents.

Tammy lives in Tottenham and is raising her family here.  Her huge passion and commitment will make her a great choice for local people.

The Labour party have had a stranglehold here for far too long. It leads to complacency and it means that Lammy doesnt have to do very much - that means that local don't people get the representation they deserve.

Tottenham has a real alternative to choose on Thursday. Tottenham deserves better and Tammy Palmer offers that.



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