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I am after a large rug for my living room, where is the best place locally to get a nice rug from which is of a decent price??


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If you want excellent value for money for something traditional and of good quality, I would recommend Criterion Auction rooms in Essex Road:

And if you want to lay out some serious dosh, there's a specialist sale at Chiswick Auction Rooms with some pretty nice stuff too:


Surprisingly Ikea have a fairly decent selection of oriental rugs. Various sizes and designs, might be worth a look if you prefer new.

I ventured into OCC on Eade/ Vale Rd and bought a carpet a few years ago. It's huge and full of amazing carpets

Hi Jamal, What size of rug are you looking for? I have a rug I am looking to sell and it 4.6. X 2.8m. It’s vintage and handwoven. It’s made from wool and in perfect condition. 



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