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Are there any good sourdough bakeries in the area? I know of one in Hackney but would love to find something closer to home.

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I love Gail`s in Crouch end or at times I bought from the Harringay Local shop, but I don`t know where from it is but it is good. 

Depending on where you are in a Harringay,

tri prana cafe on Philip lane stock good sourdough as well and wine and rind at Holcombe market on Tottenham high street 

or Loven bakery at Tottenham Hale 

I went to Loven the other day and they had nice bread, but no sourdough. Do they usually have sourdough?

I think they do because they supply it to wine and rind

JOr the Tottenham market on a Sunday outside Marcus Garvey library 11-3pm! 

Harringay Local Stores has nice sourdough - not sure where they source it from though

Another vote for the sourdough at Harringay Local Store (and their other loaves!) - I may be imagining it but I thought I saw that they get their bread from the St John Bakery

Dunn’s crouch end 

Dunnes in Crouch End has the most sublime sourdough bloomer I have tasted in ages. Excellent value for money too given the size of the loaf and how long it tends to keep. HLS source their bread from St Johns which is (in my humble opinion) over rated.

Harringay Store on Green Lanes and even some in Tesco I believe

Which? recently had a look at 19 supermarket and branded loaves of which four got the stamp of approval for authenticity from The Real Bread Campaign. These were: The Celtic Bakers Organic White Sourdough bread; Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Multiseed Sourdough; Waitrose 1 White Sourdough; Waitrose 1 Wheat and Rye Sourdough
We've tried the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Multiseed - it's pretty good but sells out quick so maybe I shouldn't be mentioning this...

Do you know which supermarket stocks the Celtic Bakers bread? The smell of baking bread from their bakery across the road is one of the few positives I take from going to the western road recycling centre!



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