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Are there any good sourdough bakeries in the area? I know of one in Hackney but would love to find something closer to home.

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You got to mentioning Celtic Bakers before me; their sourdoughs are great. They used to have a stall at the Ally Pally farmers market and you had to get there early because it sold out fast. That was three or so years ago though - we bake our own now - so I don't know if they still do.

Bread By Bike usually have a stall at the Stroud Green Sunday market - I think one of the shops on Stroud Green road stock them too.

Deli at 80 stocks a few of their breads, it arrives (by bike :) ) around 9am each day. Their bakery is on Blackstock Rd I think. The market on Sunday has a bigger range.

It's taken me this long to get to the Stroud Green Market, but the Bread By Bike has been by far the best sourdough I've found, it's properly sour! Thanks for the recommendation. 

Glad you liked it!

Thanks! I think they are usually at Tottenham Green Market so I'll check it out. 

Super - thank you!

Ah, just looked at the date - it was published over 11 years ago, so...

probably pretty sour by now, E.

E, mea maxima culpa... E

Charlie’s Cafe Wood Green Shopping Mall sell Celtic Bakers Sourdough Bread

Harringay Local Stores stocks Flourish Bakery (https://www.flourishbakery.com/) bread, and gets extras in from St John's bakery at the weekend. Bread by Bike (http://breadbybike.com/) gets my vote, I love their Hippy. 



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