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Whistling on the Ladder at night time. Does anyone know about it?


I live on Fairfax Road. Has anyone heard the whistling at night time every so often?

It sounds like some guy is going up and down the ladder chirping or tweeting loudly, Iike mimicking a bird or some sort of code speaking.

Do you know anything about it?

There was another post of about something similar 10 years ago but apparently that was a moped alarm but here I am pretty sure it's someone walking on the street.

Curious about it.



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Might just be a happy person

It might be but it doesn't sound like it. It's not a pleasant melody. Wish it was, I wouldn't have any problem with that. It sounds kind of nervous, sometimes there is some shouting in between, but left this out before.

That would be old whistling Fred. I had cousins that lived on Beresford Rd back in the 70s and all the people used to hear him on occasion on that road and others on the ladder. Apparently an old ARP man that died after a bomb hit his house back in 41. 

:) It's surely him



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