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I was just in Sainsbury's on Green Lanes and was appalled to see the way people are panic-buying. I was unable to buy pasta or soup. And the sight of so many people filling their trolleys with toilet roll made me want to scream!!! Totally pathetic and unnecessary! 

Some people were clearly loving the drama but giving no thought to those who might now not be able to get the small supplies they need. Should be ashamed!!!

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I also disagree. Sure, they don't want to go without so they're stocking up. But they are very, very selfish. The do not give a crap about anyone but themselves. That is the very definition of selfish.

A Holy Hour for the Elderly  

From tomorrow (St Patrick's Day as it happens) ICELAND in the Kennedy Way Omniplex, West Belfast, will be reserving their opening hour each day (8.00-9.00am) for elderly shoppers. OK, not so convenient if you live in Harringay but maybe our local Iceland, Savers, Tesco, Yasar Halim on Green Lanes could show similar consideration for the 70+y.o. customers, the Venerable and the Vulnerable, before the Great Isolation Lockdown and for their helpers thereafter?  They may, of course, call it the OLD-AGE EMPORIUM without charge if they wish. Visited Iceland this morning between 8.00 and 9.00. It was both bearable and fruitful though not so toiletrollful before those millennial, boomer & sub-boomer hoarders woke up.  

This is an excellent idea.

You got your wish! BBC.

Right, John, so I see. All Lidl stores in Ireland are giving a two-hourly Elderly Shopping gang-bang (9 - 11) from this morning. Not sure how I could make use of it here when I'm locked down from this weekend. 

It’s  genuinely selfish...

I badly need hand gel as I'm always on the move and can't find the stuff anywhere!

As for the virus , it’s scary. Cases risen to 16 for Haringey today on the government locate Corona cases charts.

Those cases are only for people who are admitted to hospital. If you're not admitted, even if you're staff, you're not tested and therefore, not counted. It's much more prevalent than the counting would seem to indicate.

Much more prevalent!

I know personally six people with a fever and cough and I don't know that many people. They have no connection to one another. They have been told do not phone your GP, do not ring the NHS helpline, you will not be tested, stay home on your own.

It is totally counterproductive that people are not tested particularly health workers e.g. a front-line doctor with a cough has to stay at home for 7-14 days even when it may not be Coronavirus because they have not been tested, this is wrong. Please sign the petition below and e mail MPs.


I am not sure how I feel about people panic shoppong to be honest. I normally order online delivery but there are no slots for several days so had to venture into Tesco. No rice no pasta no long life plant milk (I am vegan) no loo rolls etc etc. So I got my fruits and vegetables and came home. What worries me more is the fact that I can not get a thermometer anywhere (even amazon has nothing on fast delivery) or hand gel. Yes of course I am washing hands but when one travels/commutes to/from work - hand gel would be a good thing to have. But nope, none anywhere. But has a mass email at work today saying we are working from home from tomorrow so commute will not be necessary for a while. And I can live on fruits and veg as I can cook from scratch and to make soup is cheap and easy with very few ingridients. About stock levels - with so many countries closing their borders.... about people on very low income and able to "hoard" supplies or go to shops often and buying buts and pieces... or not having shops near by and relying in deliveries... I do not know but I gues the next several weeks will be very hard for them. Locally infections went from  1 to 6 pretty quick and some thought "oh it is 5 more" but it is no so simple. It is 500% more. And THAT is scary... keep safe everyone

Sainsbury's have sent me an e mail. I have very occasionally received deliveries from the in the past.

The gist is,

1/ as from Thursday 19th March the first hour of opening of Sainsbury stores will be reserved for elderly and vulnerable (they hope people will respect this)

2/ From Monday 23rd March on-line customers who "are over 70 years old or who have a disability" will have priority to on-line delivery slots.

3/ From Monday 23rd there will be more 'click and collect' slots and are increasing the shops offering this.

4/ From 18th March customers will be limited to three of any grocery product and two of popular products such as soap, toilet paper and UHT milk to enable a larger number of customers to purchase them.

Some parts of Sainsburys will close eg cafe and meat, fish pizza counter to free up  storage and lorry capacity.

I think this is very welcome news. 

Yes this is welcome news. Good that they are prioritising those who need it most! And it's clear rationing products is now needed to stop those selfish idiots from stock-piling what they don't need

Thanks Maggie. Good to see sanity finally breaking out among the supermarkets. Iceland's opening hour this morning was again very civilised. SAVERS, however, are in need of a Saviour and some Security at the door to take out their daily shoplifters - but I've been telling them that for months.



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