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I was just in Sainsbury's on Green Lanes and was appalled to see the way people are panic-buying. I was unable to buy pasta or soup. And the sight of so many people filling their trolleys with toilet roll made me want to scream!!! Totally pathetic and unnecessary! 

Some people were clearly loving the drama but giving no thought to those who might now not be able to get the small supplies they need. Should be ashamed!!!

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I was in Sainsburys yesterday, the 19th. It would have been nice to be limited to three of any grocery product. But in most cases there wasn't even one of them available.


How do you prove online if you are over 70?

You are right, I only hope they don't forget to buy a lot of condoms, the world has already enough idiots

I noticed that a lot of the things that had sold out in Sainsbury's were still available in the local shops on Green Lanes. Yavuzlar for example were operating a one-in one-out policy to stop crowding so people could have some distance around them. I really appreciated that, having been bumped and pushed several times in Sainsbury's. Somehow the social distancing thing hasn't got through at all, which made my weekly shopping trip really stressful. I talked to one of the local shopkeepers and it is just crazy all day. The shop staff are being run ragged, so be kind to them.

The social distancing has been shot in the foot by the government's reassurance that "for most, the coronavirus symptoms are little more than a bad cold."  It was a big, big mistake and though they are trying to reverse it now it is too little too late.  Let me risk the ire of many by saying it is obvious the young have a more relaxed attitude.  Their main concern is their exam results.  Let us not blame them too much.  They have listened to what the government says.

Are you sure about that?

One of the main symptoms of the common cold is a blocked nose and sneezing.

High percentage of Corona sufferers are not reporting these symptoms.

Sketchy mixed messages out there what mild symptoms Covid19 actually entails.



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