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*UPDATED* Who at the council should we report this too??? Parking restriction signs blacked out all along street

*UPDATE* Thank you, Zena, for reporting this to the council on our behalf - the signs have been replaced and normal parking has resumed!

Someone has gone along Sydney Road on the Ladder and blacked out the time restrictions on the parking control signs. We haven't had anything through from Haringey to warn us about this, so we're assuming it's not official and some idiotic vandalism. I've been on the website and on the phone trying to report it, but I'm being ping-ponged from dept to dept. Anyone have a direct contact with the parking dept they could share?


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It's the Parking Service. You should be able to get through to someone by dialling 0208 849 0000 and then waiting for the right number(s) to press.  Have you got through to anyone who offered to take a message and pass this problem on to the right team?

Normally I'd pass this on to Zena Brabazon, my wife and one of your ward councillors. But this afternoon she's teaching chess as a volunteer at a local school. She might have a "soft door" phone number which could breach the outer and inner fortress defences. But I couldn't be certain.

As  you may have realised you've met the infamous "Channel Shift" which is supposed to save money. The 'f' is silent.

One day corporations & councils might all realise that 'human by default' is still often a good idea.

P.S. I spoke to Zena and someone in River Park House who supports councillors. They said they'd contact the Parking Service.

Thank you Alan for forwarding this on, it's much appreciated! I did try Parking Services but no one knew how to deal with the issue! It's not a complaint about permits as such, so there was much scratching of heads. I hope now, with yours and Zena's intervention, that we can get to the bottom of it.

Love the wee elephant!

That's on the opposite side of the road to us. We are very jealous on our side that we don't have elephants!

It looks oddly like Ganesh. Strange to see that from an 1880s builder!

Ugh. We already have a massive issue with people filling up the street with their cars to park near to the Tube station - if everyone thinks it's a parking free-for-all we're screwed. Unless the blacked-out sign now indicates you need a residents' permit at all times? (Wishful thinking!)

Watch parking attendants issue a ticket - they photograph the car, the ticket on the windscreen, and then they photograph the sign. No visible restriction, no tickets. It could become a free for all...

If the council tried to issue tickets here they’d be overturned before they even reached the desk of the appeal.

So this is pretty clearly a deliberate effort by someone to make it impossible to enforce. Much like Michael below, the self entitlement of some people astounds me.

The utterly selfish sense of entitlement of some people is astonishing

Here's another one: more than once the weight limit warning signs for Wightman Road have been swung round on their posts to make them unreadable --> ineffective.

Used to happen many years ago when Parking restrictions come in. Originally they used a paint that could be washed off. Now use one than will Not Clean. Also aware plates used to be removed with a power drill. So down to a Contractor exchanging them , if they have Spares. Otherwise a couple of weeks for New ones to come from Supplier. As Stated No visible plate No restriction. So I expect someone will get their fingers sorting the issue.



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