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*UPDATED* Who at the council should we report this too??? Parking restriction signs blacked out all along street

*UPDATE* Thank you, Zena, for reporting this to the council on our behalf - the signs have been replaced and normal parking has resumed!

Someone has gone along Sydney Road on the Ladder and blacked out the time restrictions on the parking control signs. We haven't had anything through from Haringey to warn us about this, so we're assuming it's not official and some idiotic vandalism. I've been on the website and on the phone trying to report it, but I'm being ping-ponged from dept to dept. Anyone have a direct contact with the parking dept they could share?


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Resident? Commuter? Turnpike Lane resident or trader? Faites vos jeux...

Personally, I wouldn't even bother reporting it, every commuting parker will know that it's a restricted area, they'll be cleaned or replaced soon enough because the wardens will report it, LBH won't let one of their money generators be compromised for long.

I hope the wardens do report it. I was outside chatting to a neighbour this afternoon when someone pulled up in a Zip car and asked if they could park without a permit. We explained the signs had been vandalised and that, yes, a permit was almost certainly still required, but they weren't happy. It's going to cause a lot of confusion!

MD's comment bothers me that when s/he contacted the Parking Service: "no one knew how to deal with the issue!"
Complaints about damaged or defaced parking signs can't be so obscure or unusual that people answering the phones don't know  what to do, or who to refer a problem to.

Also worrying is Gordon T's comment that some weight limit warning signs on Wightman Road "are swung round on their posts to make them unreadable".

Seems to me that both examples are pretty basic issues to be covered in initial staff training or further in-service sessions. Could reporting such faults/problems, when spotted, be much easier than when using a mobile with a camera?

Similarly it baffles me when Council or voluntary agency staff fail to report grafitti or dumping on or near their own building. Or when Council staff go past street signs which point to offices which have closed months if not years before. Or perhaps reports are sent and then lost in the bureaucracy?

Back in distant days when more main Council Services were based in Tottenham, one building adjoining a junction had two signs warning "PRIORITES REVERSED". When I spoke to a senior manager he shrugged off the problem as the responsibility of the contractors who did the work some time before.

Sadly, Alan, I think your comments reflect a much wider problem: the attacks, denigration, privatisation and undermining of the whole concept of “public service” by the governments we’ve had since 2010 (remember Michael Gove and “The Blob”?), which must have had a huge knock-on effect on the morale and commitment of those still employed nationally or locally, whether teachers, civil servants, parking wardens or street cleaners. If your job security depends solely on hitting targets and KPIs, or the “public” service you work for is now run by a private company determined to maximise its profit, why would you do anything outside the precise, specific task or duty you’ll be monitored, assessed and judged on? 

I don’t know how LBH organises itself, but almost any other contact with a call-centre, public or commercial, shows that operators have been de-skilled to the point where they’re only allowed to follow a computerised script, with a strict time-limit in which to dispose of a call before they’re punished for missing a target. In these circumstances, any sign of initiative, taking a wider view or dealing with something not listed on-screen is forbidden. It’s a chronic failure of management, recruitment and training, driven by the neo-liberal agenda that resents any public expenditure and aims to hollow out the state to the point where it no longer serves the vast majority of those it claims to represent. 

This is quite interesting and reveals how easily the whole parking restrictions system can be unravelled. If the signs can't be read then any subsequent fine would presumably be unenforeable which means free parking for anyone organised with a paintbrush. It could also be used as a tool of political activism. An organised group could without too much bother sneak out at night, paint over all the parking signs and rob the Council of revenue and continue doing so until demands were met. How would the Council handle that if they can't get one or two isolated instances fixed quickly. Yes, police would no doubt be interested but they'd have higher priorities.

I'm not suggesting any of this would be a good thing. We need traffic management but perhaps its time to start thinking about how else it might be done when the current system can so easily be subverted.

Many years ago before my Retirement from Council . I used to have a file of Fax Covers. On return to my office used to notify other Council department of issues. Several sections never used to action my reports until a Joint meeting. When I showed leaders my Faxes. As in any Job what gets done is down to workers and Management

Signs are well above majority reaching them without a ladder. But remember I caught several guys using a flat back Truck to damage signs. I had great joy in getting vehicle destroyed as not registered or Road Legal. Yes they was charged by Police 

You can also report issues such as this through downloading the Our Haringey App unto your smartphone 

Use the Fix MyStreet  site for this and similar. https://www.fixmystreet.com/

They will send it to the right place, and follow-up with reminders.


Dear All

I reported this, and sent Highways the link to this thread. I am awaiting a reply. I should hear next week. In any case, I'll chase again.


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Deputy Leader of the Council

Cabinet Member for Children and Families

Thanks for chasing Zena, it's much appreciated. We're definitely experiencing an uptake in cars parking without permits displayed and we haven't seen any traffic wardens for days either. I'm guessing they think there's no point issuing tickets because they can be easily challenged while the signs are covered.

From Council website: >>>How long should it take? Defects that are hazardous or serious will be prioritised. Hazardous defects will be repaired within 24 hours. Serious defects will be repaired within 7 days. We will aim to repair other defects that are not serious or hazardous within 28 working days, but we do not have the resources to repair every defect within that timescale and so will prioritise the more serious and potentially dangerous defects.< I doubt this will be considered hazardous or serious. They took about 3 months to sort out vandalised signs just up the road so don't hold your breath MD



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