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All along the ladder roads, all along the gardens. They are literally everywhere i look.

clothes, wardrobes, toys, rubbish, what makes people do this? 

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This puzzles me too. I can only surmise that many people are actually living in illegal forms  of dwelling where they cannot use bins. The fly tipping is not commercial but just unwanted items. 

I think Philip is right that there are more people than bins available to them either because of illegal dwellings or overcrowding. Add to that the rogue landlords that clear rooms by dumping left behind items in the street (or sometimes its the next tenants). There’s also the short-term factor whereby many people aren’t around long enough to work out the system. Seeing tipping everywhere may actually lead some people to believe that this is an acceptable practice particularly as it’s cleared so quickly. 

Plus it costs money to have excess rubbish removed and people either can’t or won’t pay 25 quid to have a few old clothes or a broken bit of furniture removed. Let’s not forget plain old idleness. Broken chair taking up space? Stick it in the Passage at midnight and it will not be your problem any more (although it then becomes everyone else’s of course). For some the garden gate is the edge of their realm. Beyond that is “away” - a mythical place believed in by most humans where all our litter, rubbish and kipple* gathers. 

*"Kipple is useless objects, like junk mail or match folders after you use the last match or gum wrappers or yesterday's homeopape. When nobody's around, kipple reproduces itself ... the entire universe is moving towards a final state of total, absolute kippleization." ("Homeopape" is Dickian futurespeak for newspaper.)” Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

For disposal of large or heavy items, a skip won't leave you much change from £500 thanks to the council's policy of charging for a bay suspension on top of a skip licence, and the council tip is only convenient and free to use if you have access to a vehicle. A skip bag (if you have a front garden to put it in) starts at about £120. People are tempted to use cheap waste collection services, some of whom just take your stuff and flytip it in somebody else's street.

Well-meaning folks leave things out for freecycling (which is technically flytipping if it's on the street) and some of it just ends up being kicked around.

Veolia helpfully marks the main collection spots by leaving clusters of purple street sweeper bags there. They are also very good at collecting flytips which I suspect leads a lot of people to think it's fine to dump stuff on the street because it'll disappear within a day or two. There doesn't appear to be much of deterrent in terms of monitoring and enforcement action.

Transport and cost. I have neither. Plus I have mobility problems which limits what I can physically do myself so even going by bus to the dump is out of the question. Talking of which, there's no public transport anywhere near the Wood Green recycling facility. In my road there's a high level of transient residents who don't know and don't care about what happens to the rubbish. Their landlords don't bother to tell them either so why should they? It makes the area look run down and dirty but once that front door is closed...., out of sight out of mind.

I'm having to pay £???'s to have four pieces of furniture + taken away but I'd rather do that than dump it on the street (even if I could carry it out there )

I travel all over London but you don’t get it to the extent you do round here. 

I can only assume there are more flytipper types living in Harringay. Depressing.

Believe the issue on the Ladder and other areas in the Borough.                                                            Is that many properties have been converted to Flats and Rooms

Majority not officially registered. so do not have the  correct number of Waste and Recycling Bin.

Plus much gets thrown out when tenants move on

Joys of a Council that does not get it's Cleansing inspectors out to deter Offenders

Check out Councils Facebook for limited number of fines issues

It was like a branch of Ikea yesterday.  There was a three seater sofa on Beresford, wardrobe, suitcase full of clothes, trail of chicken bones and then a sauce packet and then the empty take away chicken box, a dining table chair. Then, I was slightly concerned that I hadn't yet seen a mattress then just when I thought that maybe the council was doing something right, on Hampden road there was the double mattress!  They are very considerate fly tippers though, they only dump there rubbish near a public bin.  How on earth this borough claims to be the greenest is beyond belief!

What exactly is it, "Penguin", that bothers you? The rubbish or having to see the rubbish?

If the latter, then if you walk down the streets where the Muswell Hill Colonial administration (MHCA) have their official Haringey residences, you will almost certainly find far less to offend your eyes.

The fact that Liz Ixer has partly reprised her subtle list of factors shows how little the MHCA have thought creatively about these problems over the years.

"Penguin", you might also like to take a look at the Council's website for the official Haringey list of please-dump-on-these-special-streets, where the dumping is modeled for anyone moving into the Borough; and for our children and grandchildren to learn and practice from what the MHCA does rather than what its PR department now shamelessly says about "Civic Pride".
Here's the link which downloads a pdf file. Scroll down to: "Timed collections and special locations".

Maybe it really isn't helpful to use the word "flytip" to describe any rubbish dumped - however large or small. In general, we have a system in which the disposal of waste products is supposed to be done as discreetly as possible. But the system is no longer working properly and so we get to see (and smell) the stuff more often.

The curtain has been pulled aside. Maybe in some respects that's not such a bad thing if it shows people the reality?


Interesting is the amount of Rubbish that gets Dumped in Morrisons Raised Car Park

Even seen a Commercial Drink Dispenser

And they are covered by Cameras

As stated before I regularly see Scavenger Crew Lorry's x 2 which are often well loaded with Dumped Rubbish and Sweepers Collection Bags / purple

Not forgetting Crew also has a Dust cart and grabber lorry . On Double daily Shifts seven days a week

Until Council get their Enforcement Team sorted Out. And more people get court dates and publicity of offending it will never Stop

Not forgetting the favourite excuse . Thought No Dumping sign was a collection site 

Other places I lived in London had some free collections from the council - number of free items/number of free collections per year.

Here I believe they will take "up to x" items for £25.00 - if someone wants to get rid of one item, they are not going to be paying £25.00 for that. 

It really is that simple.

Haringey used to have free collections. Then we had year after year of cuts. It really is that simple.

People dump stuff all over and Haringey still picks it up when reported.

How much does that cost?



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