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All along the ladder roads, all along the gardens. They are literally everywhere i look.

clothes, wardrobes, toys, rubbish, what makes people do this? 

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For Haringeys 'paid for pick up'. you first have to dismantle cupboards etc then bundle them up and put them out for collection on the date given, Four furniture items = £25. I can see that it would be a lot easier to just drag a cupboard out and leave it on the pavement.

[I'd pay the £25 but my mobility problems mean it's of no use to me. I have been smuggling smaller items out via my general wheelie bin but at this rate it's going to take months given that they only collect that bin bi-weekly. So for me I have arranged to have mine taken away by a professional co, (license checked). It''ll cost more (a lot more and will leave me skint for a while) but the job will be done in one go and without me having to lift a finger.]

There is a free bulky white goods collection available - https://www.clearabee.co.uk/free-weee-kerbside-service

Examples like yours, Madeline are one reason I'd like to see the Council re-examine our waste service.

I first typed that sentence with "its waste service". Changing to "our". Because the elected councillors and their staff need to ask and listen more to residents and service users in general. One-size-fits all is stupid.

Yes, for the official dump at Wood Green they assume every one has a car or at least access to one. The only car(s) that I can access are minicabs and I certainly won't be using that mode of transport for these types of journeys.

Reply to Madeline (the reply button is not working for me)

I’ve never heard of Clearabee.  A free white goods collection service needs to be more widely known about and certainly mentioned on Haringey’s website - which is doesn’t seem to be.  I’ve written to the Haringey site administrator asking for it to be put somewhere prominent on the waste pages.

I, like you and the great majority of Haringey residents, don’t have a car to get up to the recycling centre so have to strap what I can on to an Ikea trolley and haul it the length of Wightman and Hornsey Park Roads to get stuff there.  While I can manage a few lightweight things, a tumble dryer would be beyond me.  People in the east of the borough wouldn’t stand a cat in hell’s chance.

It is, it's on the on the Veolia website.

The problem with me is getting the stuff out of the house, lots of stairs.

Access to a vehicle - or lack of access - is a real issue. We took a load of old broken-up furniture to the recycling centre in Wood Green for a neighbour and the place was packed - people with cars and vans disposing of old sofas, mattresses, rusted garden tables etc. responsibly. My neighbour is no less responsible but doesn't have a car and doesn't have the money to pay a waste disposal charge - cuts have been happening at the household budget level for the past ten years as well. Fly tipping enrages me, but there needs to be an affordable - which probably means free - option available to all residents and not just those of us who can muddle through without it. 

Exactly, Edel B

Can I please suggest you pass this view and your own experience with an email to your local councillors. Currently Cllr Seema Chandwani is making progress in learning how the waste management system works and suggesting some avenues to progress things.

But actually councillors as a whole need this point made clearly and strongly - Not just one "cabinet" person in a dysfunctional top-down rickety structure. And particularly at the time the budget is being set.

The system discriminates against poorer, disabled, and more vulnerable residents. A rotten  system is itself a part-cause of the dumping epidemic.



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