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It's bird feeders of course!

Do you feed birds in your garden? I do and it's wonderful to see the daily visits from goldfinches, tits, blackbirds and sometimes sparrows and blackcaps. However, our love of feeding the birds could actually be changing the way birds behave including migration patterns and beak sizes.

Stephen Moss looks at the advantages and disadvantages of bird feeders in this article.

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I have a feeder in my Back Garden. Originally purchased for a Aunt in Care Home, who passed away. 

But several other neighbours have had them for years

Good Selection of small Birds feeding on regular basis, flying between trees and bushes

Only down size is they drop seed they do not like or want which encourages Feral Pigeons

Feed a mixture of assorted Seeds and suite granuals. From drop feeders. 

Also live opposite a Church with many Trees which has always had a good selection of small birds

Doubt if feeders stop birds going to Countryside. Especially as so much is Now being built on

I have had bird feeders in my garden for years which have mostly been ignored, probably due to the number of cats around.

but finally this summer, I have lots. It’s fantastic 



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