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Why doesn’t the new zebra crossing on Wightman Rd (near Mattison Rd) have working lights?

Apologies if I’ve missed a discussion about this, but does anyone know what the issue is with these lights, which were installed as part of the recent work on Wightman Road? Why don’t the lights flash, as you’d expect with a zebra crossing?

It is confusing for drivers and pedestrians, especially at night - tonight I was half way across with northbound cars having stopped but a southbound one didn’t bother. I appreciate that the issue in that particular example is also about poor driving, but flashing lights do at least clearly signal that there is a crossing coming up! 

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Update - I emailed Ann, cc-ing Zena. Ann is out the office but I’ve now had an auto-reply promising a response by 16th Dec. Hopefully Donna (or Zena) may have a more direct (and faster) route.

I think there should be a big switching on ceremony with all the councillors and some C-list celebs

Reply today from Haringey (TLDR - no progress). Any ideas about next steps? 

Thank you for your enquiry about safety concerns at the zebra crossing location on Wightman Road near Mattison Road.

I can assure you that Haringey regards road safety, particularly pedestrian safety, as a high priority and actively promotes road safety measures across the borough to reduce vehicle speeds, the number of road traffic accidents and to enhance the environment for all road users.

We are aware of the non working flashing lights, unfortunately following their recent installation we are waiting for the electricity supplier to connect them.

We have informed our lighting department about the issue and they have responded that the Contractor should have attended the site on 30th November, unfortunately this did not happen. We have been chasing this up with the contractor and hope to get a date for the outstanding electrical works from them soon.

Thanks Alison. It sounds like to Council are attending to the issue. But one wonders if they're being tough enough with the contractor. 

They've been working on the crossing today and the guy I spoke to said they were sorting out the lights. As ever they dug a big hole and left at lunch time ... but it is a start!

They left a massive hole that prevented one crossing at the Zebra crossing from the South West side all day Wednesday and Thursday. They returned at about 10 this morning, for the first time since Tuesday, and filled in the hole. 

The lights are still not on. 

The one between Hewitt and Allison was working on one side earlier today. 

Thanks for the updates. Sigh. Let’s just say Haringey don’t seem very hands on in their project management, despite the protestations about valuing road and pedestrian safety.

It would be lovely if one of our councillors could check in over this - Zena was copied into the email I sent but I’ve not had any reply. I’ll chase.

It seems to be working on one side now. 

Not the one at the top of Pemberton, both light still off unfortunately. Hugh said the one at the top of Hewitt was working one side, was that the one you meant?

Oops, yes, I mean the one between Allison and Hewitt. 

A quick update. Bad news (as many will be aware) is that there are still no working lights on the zebra crossing. The good news, I hope, is that Councillors Seema Chandwani & Zena Brabazon are pushing and it is scheduled to be done by the end of this month.

I’m bemused that it is this complicated to resolve but let’s keep our collective fingers crossed.

If anyone is twitter minded there is a further discussion about it here .. https://twitter.com/wightmanzebra/status/1215982982814715904?s=21



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