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We have some lovely (fairly) new sash windows in our front room but realise that they offer very little privacy as people can see right in. We are thinking about getting some sort of frosting on the bottom window to give privacy but not (massively) impact the amount of light.

Has anyone else had this done and could offer some recommendations? Also are there any other suggestions for giving a bit of privacy with these huge windows?

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Have you considered Plantation Shutters, either full length or just for the bottom half of your windows ( I think they are called Cafe style or something like that). I don’t think they impact on light and they do provide privacy.


We have some friends with them and their front room is really dark even when the slats are open so hoping to avoid that

we have a similar dilemma and were wondering whether it is possible to buy net curtains that are not frilly or utterly awful. 

We had nets up when we first moved in. They really collected any dirt in the air so had to be washed fairly frequently. I also don't think they match the character of the house as we were looking for something more contempary

Can buy it in rolls. Cheep. Its just a big sticker. Scissors, ruler and your away. Its not difficult. A straight edge to force the air bubbles out if any.  You can do it.  

We tried some plastic stuff that you apply to the window. The Window Film Company is the manufacturer, John Lewis sells it. It was OK, actually, but in the end we scraped it off and have got used to living in a goldfish bowl. They can put a man on the moon, etc.

I'd recommend the window film - I'e had mine up for 12 years with no issues whatsoever.

It was cheap, easy to apply and looks fine. One tip is to leave a 1-2cm gap round the edge of the frame so you get lots of extra light but still have the privacy.

I can't remember where I bought mine but it was online from one of these kind of companies.


We have a lovely patterned window film on the lower halves of the sash windows that was applied by someone who knew what they were doing and has stayed in perfect condition for over 10 years.  The company I bought it from went bust after the 2008 crash so I can't recommend them.  I remember it seemed quite expensive at the time but it has lasted so well that it worked out dead cheap.

It's nice enough that a couple of people have knocked on my door over the years and asked me where I got it from.

I put up window film from the Window Film company. You can get it cut to the exact size of the panes and it's reasonably easy to apply. You just need a couple of spray bottles and half an hour. We have a cut out design downstairs and full panes upstairs, they have a huge range. You can also buy rolls but then you'd have to cut it yourself. 

We also used window film on the lower half of the sash windows and it works brilliantly. All the light but none of the nosy parkers!

Brume do some wonderful made to measure window panels....if you want something more decorative than plain film




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