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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

There's a rather cute group of Waxwing around the gardens of Beresford/Allison today. I spotted about 11 of them; staying together, eating berries and having a sing song. They have small crest and chubby front. Rather cute (if you like that sort of thing).



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ooh must look out for them.  I'm in Beresford backing onto Alison 

Can you please DM me or tweet me (@HarringayBirder) if you spot them again? Thanks v much

Will do. I saw them yesterday morning. Have not seen them since but will look out again. I checked and double checked that they were the real thing. I opened my window to hear them and they were making a little "trilling" noise.

Wow! Can this really be true, waxwings on the Ladder! Beresford. You know, TCV at Railway Fields have been doing a lot of good conservation management at the Nature Reserve in the past year, and the area seems be attracting more birds... perhaps there's a link.  Thanks so much for posting this Laura.

They're still around - have seen them on Wightman Road a couple of times this week - opposite Fairfax Rd and around the junction with Raleigh Road.

Amazing! Can't believe I haven't clocked any yet. Still a few weeks to go though..



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