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Perhaps I'm not looking at the latest news but it seems Wireless Festival still intending to go ahead, still selling tickets for 3-5th July. Surely with most major events already cancelled for July, this won't go ahead, will it?? 

Please correct me if I am wrong! 

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I’m sure our illustrious council can organise something suitably ridiculous 

On one level I hope it does go ahead - as this would mean that something fairly miraculous has intervened with this virus. 

On the other hand the use the park is getting (with no cars!) really brings it home how important and precious a space it is  - it should not be taken over for weeks in the middle of summer.

It probably says something about those who organise Wireless that they are still flogging tickets. 

I agree especially about the fact they're still shamelessly flogging tickets. Glastonbury, the Olympics, Wimbledon, etc all cancelled but Wireless carries on eh! 

Most event organisers will still "go ahead" till the time the govt advises against gatherings - otherwise they won't be able to claim insurance.

Thanks Jez for that clarification! 

What Jez said is correct.  Also most festivals planned for July across the country and in certain parts are Europe have not yet been canceled or postponed.  Almost everything that was planned for May and June however have been.

My website reports on music festivals specifically and if you are interested you can see the info here: https://www.summerfestivalguide.co.uk/festival-news/2020/03/15/coro...

Thanks Nanz for this information. All the best to everyone out there, stay well. 

It's a disgrace that this has not been cancelled.  A festival which makes millions for the operator and peanuts for Haringey Council :  £3 per every £70 Wireless ticket sold.  45,000 people per day packed like sardines.  The poor Park has still not recovered from the last festival in September 2019.  

I can't see how by early July we'll be back to 'normal' and this huge event can go ahead.

Glastonbury cancelled very early on. That's why I raised this issue, found it out of step that it hadn't been called off. Council just keeping calm and carrying on, hoping for the revenue despite all signs pointing to social distancing having to continue for many months? 

The 45,000 people - if that many show up - would be funneling through the Hackney section of Green Lanes (South of the New River boundary) and then very many of them onto buses and trains in Finsbury Park Station which is in the borough of Islington. The park itself is in Haringey.

So what will win: the money or people's lives and health?  If Ethics and Socialist principle were paramount and if Haringey's rulers lived up to some people's fantasy of being "the first Corbyn Council" then the latter would have guided a clear unambiguous decision a while ago.

But as the song says: "that was just a dream some of us had". So presumably there will be a slow cautious dance around the perfume of the money.

Though perhaps Cllr Kirsten Hearn may already know the plain answer. After all, she is one of the ward councillors for Stroud Green ward plus the "cabinet" member with responsibility for parks.

But maybe not. Ignorance is sometimes an advantage. While Strategic Ignorance can be the height of bliss.
P.S. You may wonder if my wife Zena Brabazon knows the answer? She is one of the councillors for Haringey ward. So I asked her. Zena does not. Despite asking.

Thanks Alan. Let's see what Haringey council does then.... hmm.

Dear All

I have been asking what the situation is with Wireless, as their website suggest it is still going ahead, unlike Wimbledon (same time) which just says 'cancelled'. I have asked Kirsten Hearn, Cabinet member with responsibility for parks, and am waiting for a reply from her which responds to the questions I have asked. I have also asked licencing for a briefing which I should get next week. I don't see how this event can go ahead, and I now think the waiting game is about money - insurance, refunds, hire of the park and all the rest of it. If it were going ahead all the safety meetings with the police, TfL, the other boroughs would be happening now. I will let you know when I have any reply from Kirsten. 


Zena Brabazon

Deputy Leader of the Council

Cabinet Member for Children and Families

Cllr, Harringay ward



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