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Perhaps I'm not looking at the latest news but it seems Wireless Festival still intending to go ahead, still selling tickets for 3-5th July. Surely with most major events already cancelled for July, this won't go ahead, will it?? 

Please correct me if I am wrong! 

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Thanks Zena. I found it odd that no announcement has been forthcoming from Council when so many other events for July cancelled. I'll know you'll keep us updated. 

Zero chance of this going ahead.

Thanks Mal. I couldn't see how it would go ahead but no announcement yet cancelling it seemed odd. 

Stay safe and well one and all. 

Just to update you all, this afternoon Wireless Festival was officially cancelled for 2020 and has been arranged for the 2nd - 4th July 2021.


Thanks so much Nanz. This is what we were expecting but good to have the decision finally made. 

Dear All

Just to report in. I heard yesterday, as you did, that Wireless was cancelled. It was inevitable as I think we all knew it would be. The park will have a full year to recover from the impact of all the gigs but the income will be lost. But Finsbury Park is, first and foremost, a park.


Zena Brabazon

Deputy Leader of the Council

Cabinet Member for Children and Families

Cllr, Harringay ward

Many thanks Zena. 

You're right, it's a park first and foremost and we've been mightily grateful of the park the past 6 weeks. With so many more people living in the area, many in flats, this green space is much needed for exercise and fresh air (I feel I can say fresh air at the moment!).

Great news Zena.  Thanks for letting us know.  I've never seen the park with so many people in it jogging and walking, cycling and breathing fresher air.  It's certainly a relief to know we won't be deafened by endless drum and bass during the month of June/July this year.  And how wonderful for the park to be able to recover from the terrible state the bottom field has been in since the last festival in September.


Suppose there might of bit of “who blinks first” as I did wonder if Haringey had cancelled the booking then Wireless may have been able to lodge a claim for the money they had spent so far.

Weirdly it looks like you can still buy tickets for the Kings of Leon bash the weekend before:


Another insurance stand-off?



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