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Wood burners and open fires face restrictions in new clean air plan

Wood burning stoves, open fires and farms all face new restrictions as the government sets out what it calls a "world leading" plan to tackle air pollution.

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The policy basically states that the government will give  councils more powers to control burning of coal, wet wood and the use of non-Defra compliant wood burners. Bottom line is that if your wood burner is compliant and you burn wood at the recommended moisture content of 10-20% you have nothing to worry about.

Plans with no funding=pr stunt. 

"Most people don't realise that a wood burning stove emits more particles per hour than a diesel truck. That's because a freshly cut log of wood contains about a pint of water, and much of the heat energy is used to dry the water out, which causes the wood to smoke and smoulder, releasing air pollutants.

The key impact of the new strategy on existing stove owners will be on fuels like wet wood, and traditional house coal, which will likely be phased out.

The government also plans to give local authorities more powers over existing smoke control areas, where you can only burn smokeless fuel - if you want to burn wood it must be in an approved device. The new strategy doesn't spell out what these extra powers will be, but the idea is to make regulations easier to enforce."

Burning wet wood!!!!!

Why has this not been enforced before??????? The whole of London has been in a smoke controlled areas for ages!



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