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My son and I heard and spotted a woodpecker at work near the river in Finsbury Park today. Never seen one before!

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Oooh, that's nice. Any pics?

No, far too far away I'm afraid, up at the top of a tree. It was kind of small, black/white with some red on or near the head. I always thought they were green but apparently not!

That would be a Spotted Woodpecker then ?

From a quick google I would say so!

there's lesser spotted and the green ones in the park. They have a distinctive flight pattern, it looks like they will hit the ground before the next tree but then they don't


Managed to spot a couple in Downhills a few weeks back. You usually hear them but seeing them is harder - so well done!

We used to have a great spotted in our garden every year when we lived in Finsbury Park (Brownswood Road end). It was really noisy and returned without fail every Jan/Feb. We had several large trees in the garden and lived in the top flat so often got a great view of it hopping round the trunk. No luck since we moved to Haringey but sadly a lot fewer trees round here.


here's one I sketched earlier (I wish!) Just to confuse you the green woodpeckers also have red heads and spots

Woodpeckers are usually very shy birds, and stay well away from people. But at least one green woodpecker in Finsbury Park is really quite cocky; I've often seen him in the small copse of trees near the railway foot bridge, and I managed to get within about four feet of him before he casually flitted off

Greater spotted visits the oak tree next door annually a few times a year. Always a joy to see ... and hear! 

My husband knows quite a lot about birds though I stress, he is not a twitterer,thank heavens, so without even consulting him I can safely tell you that the woodpecker you saw that day was a greater spotted one.

Ha! You mean a twitcher?



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