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Wormery for sale. £20. (sells on Amazon for over £70) In good condition. Have jet washed it and is as clean as a whistle now. Just add worms! Easy to buy on line. Also comes with worm treat and anti acid lime mix. Make beautiful compost quickly and liquid fertiliser. great for small gardens. Collect from Allison Rd N8.

A worm eats up to half its own body weight in waste every day, so the more worms you start with more kitchen waste you can compost from day one.  We do sell composting worms separately if you want to restock an old wormery.

"I thought you might be interested to know about some sun flowers I grew for my grand children. They were grown with compost from the wormery & fed throughout the summer with fertilizer from the base of the wormery. The fertilizer also fed my tomatoes, courgettes and flowers. The grandchildren were amazed by the size of the sunflowers and vegetables. The wormery was a great buy & my partner's son also received one as a present. " Alan Cross 

"An excellent worm composting device with good instructions. Easy to set up and get going, two months after its purchase, it now houses hundreds of busy, happy worms which are enjoying eating through the kitchen waste, multiplying happily and producing the rich compost very effectively. I have added a fourth tray and  already extracted the super rich compost from the bottom tray, which I am using in my garden and greenhouse. Certainly, for any keen gardener this is an excellent purchase." From Jillian - supplied by the manufacturer

What can you put in a wormery? - Vegetable scraps, fruit and peelings, tea bags and coffee grounds,   Hoover contents and hair (including animal) shredded newspaper, egg box type cardboard, crushed egg shells, stale bread, pizza, rice & pasta, . The greater the variety of organic waste the better the resulting worm castings will be.


What should you not put in a wormery? - You should avoid animal manure (the animal may have been 'wormed' and the residue can kill your worms), highly acidic fruit such as citrus fruits and onions (which will turn the wormery acidic), meat and bones, products covered in fat, vinegar, garlic and spicy foods, eggs (egg shells are excellent) and dairy products. Grass / lawn cuttings, weeds and garden waste should be composted on the compost heap NOT in a wormery.

this is the exact model for sale on amazon for over £70, this model has only 2 tiers mine has 4 making composting really easy.


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I'd be interested in this please and could collect tomorrow if that suited you. Helen

Im interested too! If Helen changes her mind please do get in touch :-)

yes will do. thank you x

Thanks for your PM Lizzie. For some reason I can't reply but yes, could call round just before 6. Thank you. Helen

Great see you then x

are you still coming? 

So  sorry Lizzie, I managed to lock myself out with no phone!   I tried to remember which your house was and knocked on some poor woman's door to ask if she had a wormery for sale.  Needless to say it wasn't you (doh).   Are you in tonight, or Friday?  If not, please feel free to pass it on to Jo above.



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