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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I picked up a marketing brochure from the development at the top of Hampden Rd but was shocked to discover what they've done to the Mosque's roof?

Presumably the thinking is that people willing to pay £550K for a flat aren't going to want it next to a Mosque? 

Nice of Fairview Homes to embrace the spirit of Haringey's multiculturalism ;-)

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Trouble is they're not going to reproduce another glossy brouchure with their neighbour in it. Cost. Their bad. 

Maybe #illusions are their thing. Recognize the view out this apartment they're selling? 

Virtually traffic free on the interstate in the first picture

They're struggling to flog the flats. They've built too many. The latest is that there are one beds offered for £395,000. You'd have to go to the east side of Green Lanes around here to find anything that cheap.

also they have bulit the flats so that the "social housing" element have one entrance, round the back and the rest  have a plush looking entrance at the front. 

The story about the airbrushing out of the Mosque has been picked up by The Sun.

Wouldn't this constitute misleading advertising and be of interest to the Advertising Standards Authority ?

The people buying them won’t be living in them.

Russians buying them off the drawings in blocks of ten then locking them up for years waiting for their investment to grow.    Shouldn't be allowed.  TAX THEM HEAVILY

They sold 14 in Dubai and Hong Kong off plan from phase 1 a year ago. These have been on the market here for about 11 months and they're not selling going by the texts I am getting from the developer. I think they've built too many. The towers are going to look very lonely all by themselves and nothing else can be built near there.

Stupid question maybe. Do councils need to go into partnership with developers? Cant they get money using there own housing stock as guarantor and build council homes on their own land? 

They have get permission from the government to borrow Keats. Something they haven’t been allowed to do for decades. Almost all the Haringey Council housing you see in the borough was built before the rules were changed in the 1980s

It's a matter of regret that the rule remained in place between 1997 and 2010.

Yes, they blew all that political capital on Iraq for nothing.



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