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Would you consider composting your body when you die?

I think I would.

Grow a tree in my remains. 

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Yes, absolutely. That's my plan.

I wouldn't exactly describe it as "composting my body", but yes.  Eco funerals are big business.  I went to a funeral recently where the cask was wicker.  I was told there are degradable cardboard versions too.

For cremation, apparently a wicker or cardboard coffin does not generate the same heat as wood and is therefore less 'eco' because it takes more fuel to burn - for burial it's probably better (except that you are taking up valuable land). I only point this out because it's always much trickier than we think to make the 'right' choices.

I'm having a Green Lanes viking themed funeral which involves my body being tied to a raft of plastic bottles and kebab shop plastic bags, smothered in grease from the chicken shops and then lit by a procession of men driving hotted up German cars purchased through the sale of illicit substances flicking their cigarette buts as my funeral pyre is floated down the New River. 

I recall OAE was going to dump himself in the Passage when the time came.

You can't buy eco credentials like that!

Viking themed? I went with the local flow and opted for the Saxon-themed sky burial - the Haering Bone Sky Burial.

I'm certainly keen to go for a woodland burial. But all the places that do them seem pretty unappealing. Whilst I'm happy to ease a possible burden for family and express my wishes, but ultimately I'd leave the choice up up to them. 

Sky burial! Presumably at the highest point on Whightman with street pigeons and seagulls picking over the bones that the foxes leave. You've outclassed me, Hugh!

Local bones to the last. My neighbour has built a sky burial platform at the top of Hewitt on the site of Harringay House. 

None of these methods are quick enough. Composting you down we could get you dug into the borders in Fairland Park in a matter of months. Or maybe under the roses in Finsbury Park’s American Gardens. 

Don't get all sentimental on me now. 

As long as it's not in a vegetable patch.

I went to a funeral at a lovely woodland burial place this week, called Green Acres up in Epping forest. The wooden buildings where the service was held were stunning, and the whole thing felt much more relaxed and less rushed than the usual crematorium do.

My father's buried there. It's very nice. Only downside is the very busy main road next to it. 




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