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We are looking to submit a planning application for a wrap around side return extension on our mid-terrace Ladder property.

We are finalising our drawings with our architect, and wondered what eaves height you were granted planning permission for?

Any personal experiences or someone you know would be gratefully received.

Happy to DM if you prefer.

Many thanks


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Is it not detailed in haringey councils residential extensions policy? It's usually around 3m

We're after examples where applications have been approved - we're aware of an application whereby the council initially only allowed an eaves height of 2.5 metres. Eventually the planning officer granted 2.6 metres after discussions took place. We're looking for around 3 metres.

Isn't this permitted development. Then should be 3 m . Does the architect know?
Or is that a silly question!

We need to apply for planning permission as we wish to build beyond the permitted development limit of 6 metres.

I'm in the process of building a side return. We're about 3 weeks from finishing. You'd be welcome to come and see it. It's on Effingham road

That's very kind, thank you. We'll be in touch.

Hi Sam, so you mind me asking who you used for plans and/or building? Thanks!

Hi Matt

I used James Mills of Vesica design - www.vesicadesign.co.uk - who was very good.

The building work was undertaken by Jas Matharu at Stone BCM - www.stonecbm.co.uk/homes - who I couldn't recommend highly enough.

Jas and James work together on projects frequently so have a good understanding of how they each operate. They are both very competitive on cost and significantly cheaper than a 'one stop shop'

Picture of the finished article attached.


Looks a great job! Thanks for the recommendation.

Hi Sam,

Would it be possible to see your side return still? I've sent you a connection request.

Many thanks,


Hello Sam, I'm also thinking of doing a side return (I live on the ladder) and I came across this thread.  May I ask, did you do the planning permission yourself ? How long did it take from start to finish and lastly can I cheekily ask you roughly how much did it cost...I have no idea.  Sorry for all the questions. :)



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