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hello.  Does anyone know of a yoga class at about 6.30 pm ? My husband does a night shift every other week but is always home @6-7pm and he is in need of yoga as he cycles a lot and it helps him to stretch . Thank you. 

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Anna Taylor's yoga class at 6.30pm https://www.mindbodybalance.co.uk/classes Anna is the greatest teacher I have had in my many years of practising!

Perfect , thank you so much. 

Just to support Elena's recommendation. I've been going to Anna's class for about 9 years. It's simply lovely and wouldn't be without it now! And it's so near for us in Harringay. 

Beccy at Bind is very lovely.


Perfect. They all have a 6.30 slot so my husband will be going , thanks so much. 

Anna Taylor's yoga class is great.

I like Yoga Junction, on the W5 route towards Crouch End. It has a 6.30 class every day, and there are many different yoga styles and teachers.

Thank you. Everyone if you don’t mind as you all seem to know your stuff , I do Pilates but he didn’t like that the yoga he used to do in Rapha was for cycling and he loved it but can’t remember what type of yoga it was , lots of stretching for the muscles and all these classes are called different things. Can you suggest which one would be best for what he is after ? Thank you. 

If he wants to be really stretched, or develop his strength, try Astanga (a traditional style), or Dynamic (a modern style, quite like Astanga but with other influences).

Other styles are Hatha and Inyenga, which are more focused on holding postures, breathing, relaxation and mindfullness.

See: http://www.yogajunction.co.uk/styles

Thank you Laurence that’s most helpful. 



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