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I got a lovely armchair from Freecycle - but the cover was torn, shabby and an unfortunate shade of green. The lady who does the sewing in Zephyr's replaced the badly torn arms and it's as good as new. For a fraction of the cost of Plumbs or anyone else who does new covers for armchairs. I have to recommend her!

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Me too, she's fixed ripped frocks & relined a coat for me beautifully.
I always use Zephyr, excellent quality and lovely staff
Great, that's worth knowing. I asked around a couple of local shops a few years back and didn't find anyone local - but I don't think I tried there, more fool me.

I second Michael, great local business

Where is this place please? I need my sofa completely reupholstering, plus a replacement pad for a leather armchair. Sounds like just what I need!



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