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We had a CPZ forced upon us and pay for a resident’s permit.

A ZIP car has been left outside our house.

It does not need a permit to park.

it will remain there until the next person hires it.

However long that takes.

Could be weeks for all I know.

Are people aware of this?

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You have no more rights to the road outside your house than anyone else, permit or otherwise.

One car accessible to many people is likely to be used much more efficiently than your own.

Depends what you mean by ‘rights’

Thete is a sign outside our house advising that a person with a disability lives there and requesting people park elsewhere. Most do and there were plenty of spare spaces very nearby when this car parked. In fact the road was empty.

We need our own car several times a day as my wife cannot get out without it and we pay for a permit on top of everything else.

This car has been there for days. 

I’ll join up and park it outside your place if you’re so enamoured. Please private message me your address.

If it's not a registered disabled space anyone can park there. If it is, only a registered disabled vehicle can park there.

I know. And that’s what I advise people even as I ask them to not park there. Most empathise with our predicament. You clearly don’t. Not much I can do about that.

You are being unfair. In your first post you did not say that it was a disabled space (and in fact you still haven't ). If it is a registered disabled space, call Zipcar and ask them to move it.

Kieran, it's clear that you're frustrated by the car, but you posted on a discussion website to share your views. Ian B and Philip Foxe both gave useful and accurate information. I'm not sure that they deserved to be given such short shrift.

Kieran, I’ve used Zipcars here and in the States for over ten years and always found their customer service team to be responsive and helpful. If the car is still occupying your disabled space you could call them on 0333 240 9000. 

Thanks. I’ll try that. I did e mail, but have had no acknowledgment or response. Their Twitter feed is awash with negative comments.


I phoned them. They were very helpful and will ensure the car is removed within 48 hours.

Wierd that a zip car has been left in a random parking spot rather than its designated space.

I think it’s a flexi. Maybe that’s different?

Call the council as if the car is in a registered disabled space then it can be towed If the reg of the car doesn't match the reg on the road space... the council alway towing cars out of the registered disabled space in Frome Road. 

From the council website

Who can use the dedicated disabled bay

Only those in receipt of a unique permit may park in a dedicated disabled parking bay, which is enforceable all day, seven days a week.

If someone illegally parks in a disabled bay, you can call our Parking Enforcement Team on 020 8489 2102.



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