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We had a CPZ forced upon us and pay for a resident’s permit.

A ZIP car has been left outside our house.

It does not need a permit to park.

it will remain there until the next person hires it.

However long that takes.

Could be weeks for all I know.

Are people aware of this?

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Thanks Jacqui

It’s not a registered disabled bay.

It’s a space outside our house where a person with an invisible disability lives, with a polite notice asking people not to park there. 

There were many spare spaces very near this spot when the car was left there.

I have spoken with the person I believe left the car there. 
It’s still there.

Then sadly if its not a registered space there is little you can do as the car is legally parked despite your sign and regardless of what other spaces are available. I understand your frustration and guess its not ideal for your personal situation but as a previous poster says you do not own the space ourside your house - maybe look into getting it made into a registered space to stop this happening again?

Info can be found here https://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/parking/dedica...

We never had a disabled bay fitted. We managed fine without one. Until we were surrounded by CPZs (our area had successfully objected) and we were overrun.

( We recently had a CPZ imposed).

In 2018, After my wife had had a blue badge for six years, a couple of people decided her chronic medical conditions were no longer eligible and refused to authorise its renewal.

Thought so :)

Good old ZIPCar.

They just moved it.

Helps to have a sympathetic ear.

Zip car is very convenient (despite being owned by big corp. AVIS)



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