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Zumba class at Chestnuts Park - Thursday 7:45pm - needs more numbers

Hi All, 

I've been going to a Zumba class at Chestnuts Community centre for over a year now but numbers are down and I'm sad it may stop so just letting you know in case you may be interested.

Its £7 for a single class and if you pay for the month its £20/£25 depending on how many Thursdays.

I've never done Zumba before this class but I love it. The music is awesome and I'm not that co-ordinated but manage to get it Plus he does Pilates at the end so you jump around and then it ends on a peaceful note. It is the highlight of my week. Let me know if you've got any questions about it. 


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That sounds great - just the class I'm looking for. I missed last week but is it happening this Thursday 11th - or am I too late?!?


I am also interested in this. Unfortunately, I will be travelling overseas until the 7h of May. Do they have a page somewhere so I can see when the next classes are if there will be any? 

Just seen this (haven't been keeping up lately) and I'm free most Thursdays, is there a class next week - 18th?

Hi Guys, He's been cancelling classes as not enough numbers so I will let you know if they start going again. Nat

I'd be interested too, so bookmarking here in case he starts them up again.



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