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This plant has sprung up in the Warham planters and my two garden expert neighbours can't identify it so I'm calling upon the expertise of the gardening group to help please.

What is it and should I be digging it up? The leaves have quite a sticky feel to them which makes me think its a weed.


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Almost certain that is a tobacco plant, Nicotiana - and looks like the crop plant too rather than an ornamental variety. Have you been to the Dordogne recently?!

wikipedia entry


I think you might be right! No I haven't been to the Dordogne. I can't imagine how it got there, have just found another one growing down the side of the raised bed in my front garden. As long as its not poisonous or too invasive, I guess we can see how it progresses. It does fill a hole in the planter

Wow its pretty lush whatever is! but it does look a bit like a tobacco plant, they make yellow white flowers, we grew them last year.

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I agree - i think it's nicotiania Liz.
Another vote for Nicotania, sticky leaves a giveaway. The variety I've grown before has quite a distinctive smell too (the leaves). They can grow quite big, look forward to seeing it!

I suppose we can look forward to hand rubbed Warham loose shag being offered exclusively to HoL pipe smokers.  Another first for our community web-site.

I think we can safely conclude that somehow I have grown a tobacco plant although I have no idea where it has come from!

It is gorgeous. Try smelling it at night - if it the same one I grew a few years back it smells fantastic.

PS I once tried growing this from seed and it was a total failure, so well done Warham planters.

Was also pleased to find out while chatting with the gardening gang on the Sustainable Haringey table at the Hidden River Festival that the tobacco plant is a "magnet for moths" - here's some more info on a night scented garden



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