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For the life of me I cannot find any courgette plants anywhere. Does anyone have any spare? Happy to swap for some peas or possibly some runner beans that are starting to push out of their seed cases!

PS- does this go into the main forum too, or do I need to make a separate post there to make a general shout out?

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I think they had some last week at michli's shop on Salisbury gardens. I'll check when I go out later!

Thanks, let me know if you are passing and find out, that would be appreciated.

They're cucumber plants! My mistake. However the guy said he would be getting more courgette plants in on Saturday or Monday.

Great, thanks. This is the old Greek chap at the bottom on St Anne's Road, yes?

Yes that's the one! Corner of Salisbury gardens (road? ) and st Anne's.

Hi Justin

Don't know if you managed to secure any courgette plants but Michli's have definitely got some today (as well as lots of other goodies).

Actually Liz I did, but in my excitement I forgot to say thanks to Gillian!

I love that that old boy sits outside his shop day in day out! What a great guy.



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