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Anyone interested? It's a climber, deciduous so no leaves at all over winter (you can just cut it right back in the autumn). Grows VERY quickly so I'd only recommend it if you've got a large fence or something you want to cover. Attractive golden leaves. Weird hop flowers too!

I've got to dig it up to fit a shed in and don't have any other space for it. Let me know if you are interested!

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Hiya Alison,

I should be interested to know whether you succeed in getting this plant completely out.  Mine (which is not gold) seems to be a prolific source of root suckers which might escape your attentions.  Maybe your new shed would look good festooned in golden hops!

Regards, Dick

Wise words Dick, suspect I've not seen the last of it yet!

Hi Dick. Yes I suspect a few bits may linger! But if anyone else would like some happy to share it out.

Did you find a home for this? Any use for a bit of guerilla gardening somewhere? 

Nope is still waiting for a home. Was wondering about Fairlands, will have a look on Friday. Needs lots of space to climb up. Did you have any ideas? Can discuss Thursday?

Just to say, to any fool wondering about planting this in their tiny Harringay garden, DON'T! It took hours to dig out - roots as thick as my arm. Killed it in the process, sorry those who expressed an interest in it (but you have had a narrow escape).



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