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Hi there, 

we are considering having our (south facing) garden done this year, the patio needs to be redone, the decking at the end of the garden is rotten and we also need to do part of the walls/fences too. An opportunity to rethink and look at some garden designs! Does anyone have any lovely gardens on the ladder they would like to share a photo of? Or any good gardeners anyone has used and could recommend? Just looking for any ideas and inspiration at this stage. Thank you!


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Just up the road, Capel Manor teaches garden design so if you ever come across anyone familiar with them, I found it a source of inspiration if that helps.

You might like to have look at our website: www.jbgardens.com. We have been working around here for about 20 years. We are quite busy right now though, so a garden design could take six weeks to complete and we have a lead in time of 6-8 weeks for landscaping. Have a look anyway and see what you think. There should be some recommendations for us on this site as well.


Jeremy Bevan Gardens

Thanks both, I'll take a look!

Need a digger?

I will do it for FREE, providing I can metal detect for local history.  Thats my only price :)

Good morning

You came to see me a couple of months ago and i am now intrested in digging garden at front ideally asap
Give me a call on 01743 421288

Kind regards

just sent you a message :) check ya inbox


Did you get your garden done I Need to get help with doing mine and looking for someone to come next wek to give me a Price to do the front of house of the house which is not that big.

ould be please for tips and ideas

my offer also applies to you :)

Ok could we meet next Thursday afternoon to discuss?

sounds good to me.  gonna request a connection, to arrange 

Hi Milli
We had a few local open garden events a few years ago - this link has some photos. Might be some inspiration!
Good morning do you have an inspirational ideas for front of house i am on a low budget but would like to get started soon

Thanking you



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