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I live on Hermitage road and want to clear/make the front of house look tidier does any one have any ideas? Need to re do concrete and path to door and tips or recommendations would be welcome.

Thanking you

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Hi Wendy, you're probably already aware that there's lots of environmental reasons for not concreting front gardens (flood prevention, loss of habitat, heat adsorption etc). I just did a quick Google search & the RHS have a useful page of information & ideas on the subject....https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?PID=738

Greetings Abi

Thank you so much for your reply and help.

The front of the house/entrance is very small and the path is worn and cracked the side to the Windows needs also tidying up so I am pleased that you gave me the link and I am only to happy to recieve more.

Kind Regards

Maybe you could tile the path to the front door? If the original victorian/edwardian tiles have been removed. 

You can lay gravel over a weed membrane for the front garden, thats better than concreting over and gives you the option of planting in the front - lots of options. I had concrete in the front - i hired a jackhammer and removed it

Also you might consider a wooden wheelie bin store to hide the unsightly wheelie bins.I am looking into this and the tiling as well.

I want to lower my front garden wall, if anyone knows someone who can do this and the tiling etc, would be grateful if you could let me know.

Oh! Thank you for your ideas

unfortunately the original tiles are not there and there is very old concret that is cracked all over  i like the idea of wooden wheelie bin store where can I get them? I do not have much of a Budget and I willing to source out ítems to Keep the costs down,

Good morning

Did you find someone to do your front garden if possible can i see photos of how you did it?

Also where would  I can get  a wooden wheelie bin store to hide the unsightly wheelie bins.

Thanking you

Can you let me know more about the  wheelie bin store for bins and did you get any further with sourcing tiling?

Thanking you

Can anyone give me ideas/Suggestions how to store the ugly rubbush bins in front of house?

I am still looking for help with ideas for my path & Front of house

Thanking you

Hi Wendy

We designed & manufacture BinDocks - green roof binstores for wheeliebins.

The website is www.frontyardcompany.co.uk and attached is an image.

BinDocks were part of the RHS's Greening Grey Britain show garden at Hampton Court Flower Show (and will be again part of the RHS show garden at Chelsea this year).

(We're a local company - Kentish Town - and I'm a longtime Harringay resident.)

Loving your work there, Black Lark....so much more attractive than the usual bin enclosures which (in my view) tend to draw attention to bins rather than sympathetically mask them like this. Really nice...

They look Super! but i can not Stretch my Budget does any one of other ideas?

Still looking for idea for doing the bath and front garden.......Help & advice would be great!

hi wendy,

here are some. havent started on my front garden yet


Thank you so much I to have not started i just sourcing items.



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