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I thought it might be nice if we organised a Seed and Plant Giveaway.  Residents could give away their spare, unwanted seeds or plants.  For example, I have a selection of seeds that I'd be happy to give out. Perhaps others would like to do share out theirs. I'd be more than happy to receive and hold the seeds here, at my home in Tottenham and whenever they're wanted, I could post them out. Interested parties would drop me a snail mail, (a letter to my home address), enclosing a stamped addressed envelope, and I'd send out the seeds.  As for plants, interested parties could go to see the plant and, if they like it, dig it up and take it home, BY ARRANGEMENT of course!! Really, it's just a very rough idea, but one I thought I'd share. Seeds in the shops vary in prices - some can be expensive. This would perhaps be a cheaper way to get your seeds.  Food for thought? Yours ideas? Workable idea? 

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Hi Jeanette

That sounds good but surely a lot of work for one person to take on? It might be easier for people to just post what they have in this group and get people to self-organise by the site? Not saying your idea wouldn't be useful to complement what we already do however.

We organise 2 seed swaps via Harringay online in the Salisbury per year. One in the autumn for flowers and another in March for edibles. Anyone is welcome to come, including anyone who has no seeds and wants to get started. We were considering a seedlings get together but thought it might be hard to get lots of plants to the pub so just agreed to advertise what we had online. The Stroud Green and Harringay Library gardening group have also been thinking about a seed library and plan to have a seed swap at the craft fair in May. The aim is exactly what you say, to ensure that people don't pay for seeds that they can get for nothing from spares that people have. 

Oh fantastic!  I didn't know you already did that. Please, scrap my idea, LOL   In the Salisbury? I'm very exciting, as I'm a keen wildlife gardener. Would appreciate more info please if you have it. Thanks.

Hi Jeanette

It would be great to do more swapping of plants and seeds. Like Liz says, we've had a few specific swap events but I've also given away a few thing via the site. I'd worry that you'd end up doing a lot of work otherwise. And seeing as we're all fairly local it's fairly easy to get stuff from one person to another.

What about starting a post on the site specifically about seeds and plants to give away and saying what you've got. I've got loads I could add in too..

Hi Alison - actually, I'm feeling a bit silly.   I had no idea something similar was already in place and really don't want to duplicate or undermine some else's efforts.  I'd be very happy just to meet up, in the 'Salisbury' (?)  It'll be a nice opportunity to meet with like minded people. I'd be particular British native species for the wildlife garden I'm working on.

Oh! BTW: did you still want to pop along and see the garden?  I'm at Tottenham Hale. Whereabouts in the borough are you?

No no, don't feel silly. We've only been doing for a few months. I think it's great there are so many conversations going on around sustainable gardening, food growing and sharing resources. It's always a good idea to share ideas. The more the merrier. I'll be sure to let you know when our next get together is happening.

Oh yes, that would be great.  I take it, the 'Salisbury' is a pub?  If so, whereabouts is it, please?

Many thanks. I'd appreciate it Liz, if you could tell me when the next one is, if you can.



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