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Need some ideas about what to do about the part that runs from kitchen door to the main part of my small garden pls.

As you can see, someone who lived here before me has divided into 2 equal parts: half paved and half raised. The raised bit has only tiny bit of soil, it is essentially a lot of rubble covered with tiny bit of soil. Even grass would not grow there. Plus it is in shade all the time. Had to cover with cheap fake grass to stop the dog bringing mud in all the time

The 50/50 split really does not work as the paved part is too narrow to put table/chairs and the raised part is not suitable for growing anything due to it being mostly rubble and top surface being very uneven. I really think I should get rid of the raised part (leave a narrow stripe to hold the fence only), lover it to the level of paved side and have it as a "patio" but I have no idea about the potential cost of doing that?

Has anyone got any cost effective suggestions on what to to about that? Many Thanks 

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We have the same sort of size garden and have it all as decking with another 2-3 metres at the back of the house too. Didn’t cost that much - although that depends on what your budget is 

We have pots of plants - large and small all along the side return with a couple of old treadle sewing machine tables outside the largest window (our dining area) for raised plants that can be changed for all year round interest. 

Thanks Rebecca and Saddic for your replies. Do you too have that art split into 2 different heights, one lower one higher as mine? It is what bothers me here.

Could you post photos of yours? 



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