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I have quite a lot (about 60) spare lupin seeds from my own plant from last year.

Mixed colours - no idea which will be which of course.

As those should be planted around 30 cm apart - I do not have enough garden for all of them.... and I love lupins as they are easy to grow and come back every year.

They can be put in little pots (one per pot) now and will be ready to go out into bigger pots or directly into soil in few weeks time.

Took about 3 weeks to germinate (the ones I planted already) but then I found another stash from the same lot from last year and would hate to waste them.

If anyone is interested and wants to pick them up - probably way too much for one person so happy to split... Pls let me know - I am on Florence Road

Photo from August last year


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OK, will have to leave on the window then as will be home late on Wed - if you msg me, will send you door number

Sent a connection request.

Replied with address

Hi Anka, i might be too late but would love to take some off your hands if still available. Could collect tomorrow ( tues 30th) evening. 

best wishes


Hi Yo,

No worries, you can have the last 3 pots.. if you msg me, will send you the full address

For the people who collected the seeds - how are they doing? :)

Just seeing the fist shoots poking their heads out of the soil. Four so far, but not ready to pot on yet.



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