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Here is my choice of street trees from HC - I wonder if anyone has any ideas which one to go for?

choice of one of the following; Flowering cherry (Prunus Sunset Boulevard), Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia Edulis), Whitebeam (Sorbus aria Lutescens) or Snowy mespilus (Amelanchier arborea)


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I only have choice of 4 trees

The Rowan I looked at is bare. I saw a couple of cherry trees in bloom. From the photos I was I like Snowy Mespilus, I like the other trees suggested but they are not on the list

 Flowering cherry (Prunus Sunset Boulevard)

Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia Edulis)

Whitebeam (Sorbus aria Lutescens)

Snowy mespilus (Amelanchier arborea)

the berries on the snowy mespilus are edible, i wonder if they would be inedible due to street pollution

I very much doubt it. My childhood cherries certainly never did me any harm.

pyrus calleryana Chanticleer is also nice upright symmetrical habit whitish leaves

my favourite is Acacia pseudoacacia Frisia assymmetrical habit light green leaves yellow in autumn fine texture 

For me, the standout choice is the Whitebeam - it's such a beautiful tree and the birds like it too. There's a lovely one in the car park at Alexandra Palace Garden Centre.

I mean Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia



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