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Hi all,

I'm keen green up the tree pits on Allison road and any surrounding streets. If anyone is up for joining me your help would be much appreciated!

I've picked up a few free bags of soil from the recycling centre in Wood Green and lots of wildflower seeds, so we've got all the materials we need.

Meet at the New River sign at the junction of Allison Road and Green Lanes.

Saturday 19th October,
11:30 to 1pm.

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Brilliant idea, would love to get involved! unsure if im around on 19th but will keep in touch! thanks lizzie x

Thanks Lizzie, will definitely be doing it again if but would be great if you can make it!

  Great idea. Don't forget a few daff/tulip bulbs too, . And if possible, try and clear grass etc from round young trees, to let maximum water get to the roots. Street trees, especially young ones, need all the help we can give them...Haringey just doesn't have the time [or labour] anymore for basic maintenance.

thanks for the tips peter! I do actually have some bulbs and some wildflowers :)

Will you be able to join us?

Yes, I'm interested in this too but not sure I can make today. Will you post again if you decide to go ahead with another session. Thanks, Ann

Hi Ann, thanks for you're support. Tree pit planting was a great success today and will be great to meet you the next time. The next event will be 16th November, will put this in Ketchup, hope to meet you then!

Thanks for letting me know - the date is in my diary!! Glad it all went well. See you on the 16th.

There is a dead tree on our street and I'm thinking of planting a new one in it's place as I doubt the council will ever get round to it, does anyone know if this is straightforward? Someone suggested that street trees are planted with some kind of "anchor", perhaps to make it harder for them to be stolen, if true I'm not sure how difficult it would be to remove a dead tree with such an anchor?

I Imagine that you’d have to get permission before planting a tree. In some cases trees are removed because of an insurance claim from a nearby householder. Whatever the case things put on the street tend to get removed in Haringey unless permission is gained in advance.

Thanks Hugh. I suppose I'm gambling on Haringey not noticing. They don't seem to have noticed that the existing tree is dead (has been for a few years, it was planted at the beginning of a hot summer and didn't survive the drought). 

They may not. But there again.... (let me know if you want me to aid your clandestine planting by deleting these your comments on this thread ).



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