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OK Gardeners.... What are these bugs. The first is off my black kale, the second on my climbing French beans. They looks the same but for colour (camouflage?). I have left them because I was only really aware of the ones on my French Beans, and they were close to a massive batch of aphids I was hoping they were eating...


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They look like shield bugs (though the one I normally see is just green).

Have a look at this site - could your second one be a pied shield bug? And perhaps the first a woundwart bug (fantastic names!)?


Quite beautiful really. 

They do look familiar. And yes, very pretty.

Shame they are a parasite too, I was hoping they were eating the aphids...

Beautiful. That do they use as a host ('parasite')?

Lucky you! They are lovely. They won’t eat your aphids but they won’t do much harm to your beans either. They suck a bit of sap but are not known to damage a crop. 

They look like Nezara Viridula (pretty green shield or stink bugs)

The larger green & pink one is the fifth stage nymph & the smaller black one with white spots could be the third stage nymph. 

There's more about their life cycle here:


They love my mallow plants but don't seem to do any real damage that I've noticed.

Yes, they do seem closer than the pied shield bug. Hmmm

Are they dangerous for our native ladybirds?

Not as far as I’m aware Barney - these feed on plant sap:


Thanks, Sally. 



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