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One of the main fixtures* of Wood Green's Industry during the first half of the Twentieth century was  Davis & Timmins.

Founded in 1876, the firm of specialised in "turned work of all descriptions" including screws, bolts, nuts, studs, washers, terminals, and later, small component parts for electrical work.

In 1899, the company was publicly listed and began to expand. The company was headquartered in the York Road, Kings Cross, but their main factory was in Wood Green. The earliest record of them I can find in Wood Green is 1905.

Davis & Timmins advert 1905

I imagine they opened a new factory there at some point between then and their 1899 listing. By 1922 they claimed in one of their advertisements that “The works at Wood Green cover an area of several acres”.

Davis & Timmins was between Brook Road and Clarendon Road.
The scene was similar to the one above shot elsewhere in the Fifties   

The firm was run by George Davis who lived at Truro House, still standing at the junction of Green Lanes and Oakthorpe Road in Palmers Green. It remained at Wood Green until the mid-Sixties when it was taken over by Delta Metal.

Truro House, Palmers Green

* On re-reading this, I've just noticed my unintentional pun. I can assure you that it was not intended!

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Good stuff Hugh, those gasometer holders look like Kings Cross? The local Gasometer adjacent to Brook Road, built in 1929, looked like this: 

Thanks Eugene. The picture came from a Haringey Council sourced document which suggested it showed Wood Green. Thanks to your eagle eyes and intimate knowledge of your own backyard, I've now edited out that suggestion!  

PS Did You see the post on the tobacco factory?

Seems pic shows Goods Way, Kings Cross- https://www.flickr.com/photos/warsaw1948/6613956117

Also excellent stuff on the tobacco factory Hugh. They're apparently going to call the new development on the Gasometer site "Clarendon N8" 

So it was shot pretty near Davis & Timmins Head Office and warehouse then!

I don't know where the name 'Clarendon' came from. Do you? I wonder if it has a local connection?

In looking for an answer to that, I came across the following in the London Middlesex Gazette January 6, 1900. 

This possibly supports the idea of the company moving to Wood Green shortly after the public listing. Whilst it doesn't make unequivocally clear whether they're expanding a factory they already occupy, or a one they're taking over from someone else, I note that they're located by their York Road address. So it may confirm that they hadn't arrived at this point.

It might make sense of something else I read earlier. I'd concluded that they had a small factory on Clarendon and a bigger one on Brook. So perhaps the small factory was a 19th century building which was already in situ and and they then built the bigger one before hey moved in.

Not related Hugh, but what was approved in Falkland Road?

Nothing. Whyatt of Falkland had submitted plans for four houses in Lyndhurst Road. 

Perhaps this little notice from Dec 7th 1901 deserves a space in the forthcoming "Clarendon N8" development:

Fantastic pictures.



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